April 25, 2015 - Slackline Industries and the City of Santa Monica team up to create the first official slackline competition at OMB (Original Muscle Beach).

It was truly an epic event, not just because of the amazing talent and tricks, it all took place during a huge storm advisory with 35mph+ winds. But the competitors, organziers and die-hard spectators were unfazed as they watched the athletes lay down tricks tricks never been seen before in competition...
making history at this historic beach!

John Higgins/Darius Mrkonic
Duy Duong
Keith Lamb
Keith Lamb - Warmup
Keith Lamb - Let the games begin
Bob Chapin
Bob Chapin - Sunday Chillin
Slackliners OMB

Breaktide Teaser
Keith Lamb - Alex Mason winnng move
Slackline Industries Review Videos
OthatJo Competition Playlist
Bob Chapin - Fundraiser
Bob Chapin - Weather Alert
Bob Chapin - Chillin

Judith Meister and the City of Santa Monica
Jaime Pletcher, Derick Cole and everyone at Slackline Industries
Our Sponsors - Coldhrtd, New Deal Studios, Inkjet, Sport Chalet, Sweets, Plae, TruFit
and the entire OMB community

and thanks to everyone whose generous donations through GoFundMe made this event happen

Robert Chapin
Jessica Cail
Duy Duong
Paul Scott
N Jahan
Derick Cole
Ricardo Bottome
Michael Lewis
Fernando LOPEZ 
Annemarie Burkhart
luiS Siul
Barb Green
Chris Filkins
Amy Boyle
Sarah Harroff
Jared Simmons
Joshua Beaudoin
Holly Covella
J Paulo Souza
Harlan Hayes
Travis Brown
Alessandra Yanes
Jessica lebert
Donna Axel
Janine Fitzpatrick
Juan Vanderdys 
Doug Bachman
Eduardo Zambrano
Eric Rutherford
Allison Muench
Dillon Brown
Annie Haselfeld
Michelle Wellington