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by Robert Chapin

"After working in the industry as a professional stunt performer and teaching stage combat classes in LA for almost 30 years, I'm frequently asked how to get started in Hollywood as a stuntman. Thanks to the contributions of many amazing stunt performers and professionals in the industry, this book is a list of tips to get you started, as well as a few words of advice to keep the gig once you get it."


“Bob is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. He’s always there to give advice to stunt performers and help direct them in furthering their career. The information he presents comes from years of practical experience and will be invaluable to the new stunt performer.”

- Banzai Vitale (The Revenant, True Blood, Red Dawn, The One, JAG, Buffy, Angel, Supah Ninjas, Crash Course)


"Bob is the crème de la crème, without a doubt.  He’s masterful in all phases of the film business. His swords caught my eye until I saw him do high falls, fights, air rams, Russian Swings, etc. But the most impressive attribute was the way he helped people, teens, little kids, adults. He had the quality to break things down for the individual which is a gift. This is a must read book for everybody."

- John Moio (Escape from New York, Rush Hour 2, Home Alone 4, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Poseidon Adventure, Prisoner of Zenda, My Favorite Year)


 “Bob has the unique insight and perspective that only comes from experience gained doing pretty much every job on set on both sides of the camera. He knows whereof he speaks and thankfully he's taken the time to share useful and accurate information about all that he’s learned about the business of becoming a professional stunt performer and action actor. 

- Anthony Delongis (Highlander, Fearless, Masters of the Universe, Queen of Swords, Warrior and the Sorceress, Road House)


“I like it. Easy to read and educational.”

- Scott Leva (X-Men, SHIELD, Dexter, Sarah Conner Chronicles, Scream Queens, Rocketeer, Power Rangers, Flags of our Fathers)


With over thirty years of experience in the stunt industry, Robert "Bob" Chapin has worked with some of Hollywood's finest stunt performers, combat choreographers, and directors including Steven Spielberg ("Hook"), Sam Raimi ("Army of Darkness") and Mel Brooks ("Robin Hood:  Men in Tights”).

He has worked with stars such as Placido Domingo, Robin Williams, David Hasselhoff, John Saxon, Marc Singer, Richard Grieco, Dante Basco, Richard Lynch, Mike Norris, James Lew, Olivier Gruner, Karl Urban, Jeff Conaway, and Gene Lebell.

In addition to his stunt experience, Bob is an accomplished Second Unit Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Actor, Writer and Director with starring roles in "Ring of Steel" (MCA/Universal), "Dragon Fury I & II," and leading roles in "Night of the Hyena," "Lancelot: Guardian of Time," and "Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights."

Bob continues to develop his own work, most recently creating the web series and feature film “The Hunted,” which can be found online at